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Answering Contempt LetterAnswering Contempt Letter

Family »Posted 1 Nov 2019 Post Answer

legal question We've had a tragic divorce with 2 children 7 and 4 years old. My wife left me for another man i moved got 1br apt. Her relationship crumbled and fell flat i let her move in signed my name for a car to help her she got back with the guy. I put myself behind to help her and lost my apartment. She promised tax time she'd give me the money back that i put for down payment at tax time but did not. Dec 18 of 2018 we divorced Dec 31 2018. She was able to keep the car if she paid and 200 mth child support. i was homeless for the next 3 mths. And did not pay the support because i couldnt. I got another apt in march 2019 this whole time im taking care of my elderly mother who im the caregiver of so she was homeless with me. Having to start over every dime i had went to getting semi stable. So 6 mths has passed and ive given her only 400 in support. Then she comes back again saying she has nowhere to go so i let her move in again thinking its for my kids she stayed 3mths so no support was paid. I gave her money for her personal bills she again promised to pay but did not. She started another relationship and lied about it so i put her out. She then started making it hard for me on visitation with the kids and then filed for contempt saying i wasnt paying support and not sticking with visitation agreement which is a lie i have text to prove she is lying. Shes had kids around several different men who were all shady characters and house been bouncing from house to house with the kids. I cant afford a lawyer and will have a court day soon. How do i defend myself? I think she is a narcissist. She fits all the personality traits.

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