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Best And Smarter Ways To Avoid Alimony Best And Smarter Ways To Avoid Alimony

Bronze medal Reporter adv.Reshmamol Posted 12 Nov 2019
Best And Smarter Ways To Avoid Alimony

“Marriage is the only actual bondage known to our law. There remain no legal slaves, except the mistress of every house”.we usually believe that marriage is a  match made in heaven. Even though it is considered to be a holy bond and almost all of them believe in it, the percentage of increasing divorce rate is high. Following we discuss alimony post-divorce and how to avoid it.

Meaning of Alimony

The term Alimony also known as “spousal support” or “maintenance” is an allowance or amount that a husband needs to pay to the wife post-divorce for maintenance according to the order of the court. As a part of a divorce right to claim alimony is one of the essential parts. If you earn more money than your spouse to whom you have been married, you may have to pay some alimony. On the other hand, for short marriages, alimony is not awarded or you and your spouse earn close to the same amount.

Basically alimony is charged to a spouse based on the circumstances analyzed by the court, and the amount varies widely. The depended spouse is whether husband or wife, who actually in a situation of substantial maintenance support. If the supporting spouse is committed to any illegal sexual activities, the court will be permitted to pay alimony and the depended spouse may commit any illegal activities, the supporting spouse needs not to pay the alimony at all. Based on the IRS rule, the person responsible for paying alimony receives a tax deduction on the amount, until they jointly file themselves as a married couple


If alimony is ordered, we have to pay the amount each month until:

  • Your former spouse remarries another person.

  • The date set by a judge years ago.

  • If your judge notifies after a reasonable period of time, your spouse has not made any effort to become at least partially self-supporting.

  •  One person dies.

How to avoid Alimony: 

Alimony is considered to be the basic human right. However, the following are some ways in which we can avoid alimony in divorce.

1. If the merit of filing the divorce is a betrayal on the wife, we can avoid the alimony.

2.If the wife earns more money through her job and she had other meanings of earnings the alimony can be avoided.

3.If the husband has no source of income he can prove it before court alimony can be denied. If the husband remarried and has a new family alimony can be avoided.


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