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Brothers probation officer violated my rights as a free AmericanBrothers probation officer violated my rights as a free American

Criminal »Posted 1 Sep 2020 Post Answer

legal question I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).aprox a gram also a glass pipe with possible meth inside.

My mother passed away from a self injection of heroin that was actually fentinal.
I was in Was state working I came home to handle her affairs and bury my mother. The day of her death the GBI investigators got a search warrant for the property at 597 6th Ave Dawson,Ga
They found no street or prescription drugs that are illegal or any other laws being broken.

A few days before we buried my mother my brothers probation officer stopped by and asked me a few questions about my brother and is he on drugs does he have a drug probelm I awnered honestly and said he is on the meathodone program just like he has told you and given his info every time he sees you and also when you always stop by all times of the night and day. Well his probation officer called me several times and always was wanting to know why he wasn't at home when he isn't even on house arrest or anything of that nature. He even made my brother leave my grandmother s home while he was helping her because she is 90 well she is deaseaded now. He told my brother he had better not go anywhere else with out his promission.
I was at my mother's home still helping figure out the best plan for this situation when I heard beating at the door for what I thought was police officers dressed like SWAT team members they never idified there selves to me I only found out after they had been in every room that they were not real police and only had authority over my brother and my rights were still protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.
I was told I could not enter my room or get anything from it I tried to get some socks when a person in black and tan attire told me I had to drop the socks and leave my room. This is when I made a decision on the the basis of my fear of being violated even more was to leave the house until they were done. (I also told them I didn't consent to a search or did I hàve to reply or consent to there demands like the fact that the room I was in was shared by as many as 12 or more ppl since my mother's passing. I thought since my brother has passed all his drug test and had not had any infractions since his release from prison what was there probable cause to search the house? I was not living at the residence I was there handling business and also there is a lock on the bedroom door where the supposed drugs were found they were not found on me or near me or found while I was at the property. Also a friend of the family told me that the drugs in question were his and that he was sorry for not having them on his person that he had lost them...
He has passed away and the only people that he stated this too is myself ,my brother, my lawyer that I had hired when we were being questioned by lawyer Wes made the admission to all the drugs being his..
I am subject to random and new hire drug test all the time. I work with the us aramy of Corp of engineering and DOI,DOD,and many other large contract power company in the hydro electric power Services field. ,
This situation even as I am not guilty of a crime the probability of my conviction is really high and I will lose my way of life ,my income will stop my life will be at a starting as a teenage worker level if I can even find a job with a felony on my record at all.

I would like to know if I have a case to sue for violation of my civil liberties and wrongful imprisonment and harassment and intemidation by brothers probation officer.

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