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Can a city not notify me for a tax leinCan a city not notify me for a tax lein

Tax »Posted 1 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question Yesterday I recieved an email from my work's HR department stating that a neighboring city is asking for $152 for a tax lein.

This email from my companies HR department also had attached the cities notice that was sent to the HR department. I was extremely puzzled by this because I am only 21, and have not lived in this neighboring city since I was 7 years old, and have never worked in this city, made a large purchase in this city, etc... The only possible thing I could think of regards a traffic violation made when I was 15. I drove through a red light camera and I saw it go off behind me. I was still only 15 and only had a learner's permit, and my father was in the car with me. If this tax lein is to do with this red light camera, $152 sounds rather high, and im suspecting they penalized me with a late fee. A late fee, although the first I have been notified about this was through my work just yesterday. According to virginia state law, in order for this traffic ticket to have been properly served to me, it would have had to of been served to me "personally," meaning if I ever did recieve it in the mail and I never actually saw it, their own law comes full circle and they cant actually put a late fee on the ticket, if that is the case. Is there a statute of limitations on a traffic ticket, especially if I was 15 at the time of the ticket, and they haven't even properly served me for it? And can a traffic ticket even technically be considered a tax lein and not a wage garnishment?

I find it odd that they contacted my work before contacting me, given they clearly had my adress on the document sent to HR. They had my email, phone number, social security number, yet decided to contact my work first. None of this makes sense. Are they allowed to demand money from my work without even telling me why they want the money or that its going to happen in the first place?

My next issue is that my HR department failed to inform me of this letter until a day after the due date for the debt. The woman I was speaking to through HR even admitted she knew about this a month ago, and did not follow up with me about it. Now the debt is late, and I'm worried more fees will be added on to it because of this. If that is the case, can my HR department be held responsible for the late fees since they completely disregarded the only type of notice i would of had for this lein and I have proof that they knew about it well before the due date?

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