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Crazy ex trying to take me to court and threatening meCrazy ex trying to take me to court and threatening me

Criminal »Posted 31 Jul 2020 Post Answer

legal question I have an ex that’s threading me with legal action Because last year she bought me a ring and it was a gift she gave me she keeps saying I took it and now she’s saying I owe her and I told her I would pay her back but then she told me that we can settle if I bought curtains for her house and that’s what I did and now she is threatening me to give her the money for the ringAnd she’s only doing all that out of Anger And she had a cop friend of hers look up my whole families info because she does not know where I live where my mom lives and she got him to look it up and now she’s threatening to come to my moms house and start stuff.I’m trying to see what I need to do and if I need to get a lawyer because she’s trying to take me to court now And she’s a drug dealer

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