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Criminal charges, not guilty!!Criminal charges, not guilty!!

Criminal »Posted 2 Aug 2020 Post Answer

legal question hello, my husband is incarcerated in the Lassen County jail for something he didn't do. We live in a small pretty corrupt town. So his lawyer (public defender) isn't helping him at all. Infact when I spoke with her, the very first statement was 'its not looking good for him' and they haven't even been to court yet. But, In this town, the District Attorney and every public defender here all have coffee together each morning and decide who is going to win today and who is going to lose...and tho 'who' I am referring to are themselves. Before looking over case information, facts, evidence ect. They decide which public defenders are going to lose and which are due to win..
All ii need to know is how I can help to prove his innocence in a corrupt place like this.. like what will be admissible in court and what will not...I have evidence showing that he is not the guilty, I have letters of character reference as well as letters from witnesses, and even screen shots of a conversation wher someone is stating they in fact acted in self defense against said victim...i just don't know how to go about this, and his lawyer wants nothing to do with anything me or my husband have to say...court is wed. Aug5th and she has been on her day off since last Tuesday...more than likely will be until this coming Tuesday...I don't know what to do, his lawyer told me he is looking at 8years for this..BUT HE DIDNT DO THIS...PLEASE HELP ME.!!!

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