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Criminal defense attorney neededCriminal defense attorney needed

Criminal »Posted 9 Nov 2019 Post Answer

legal question Current case out on bail looking at supposed charges accumulating a potential worse case situation of 12 plus years in is a task force case where I've yet to receive a small town where I feel as though the public defender might as well be working with or for the prosecution......seeking a solid criminal attorney where his or her heart seeks true justice and dislikes how humans, under the disguise of holding and enforcing the law to protect people are truly taking the freedom from good innocent people and causing harm to them all to save face, make a name for themselves and ultimately the dollar bill.....with the right attorney I hope to not only have alleged charges dropped but to use my case as an example with a civil suit against the local task force for aggravated suffering to innocent people including my parents and father with Multiple Sclerosis.....if interested in peeking into this opportunity in skagit county in the state of washington, I look forward to hearing from you... 3607700056...

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