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Custody and fighting something i felt as i had no choiceCustody and fighting something i felt as i had no choice

Family »Posted 29 Jul 2020 Post Answer

legal question So i have a non biological father take me to court for full custody. I did not have a lawyer and still dont but he had 5 witness and i had none... I wasnt aware of the witness at all. Also three of them lied under oath and i have proof. But i got backed into a corner and the lawyer offered us an agreement of 50/50... Which i dont agree with but i was terrified they were going to remove my son completely from me and have him place with a man that not his biological father and only has been present since December with visitations. My son cries when he goes everytime. I have two videos of evidence... I also have evidence of text messages where i said i would agree to 50/50 but he was doing full because of his dad and he refused to let his fathwr down. I neex help i have until the 24th to reveiw the proposal do i need to deny it and keep fighting... Im lost for all cause and probably about to go into a bad depression state...

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