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DESPERATE- Proof Of My InnocenceDESPERATE- Proof Of My Innocence

ANY »Posted 1 Oct 2020 Post Answer

legal question
I have many recent events since mid April if this year...
1st- A wrongful eviction during the covid19 memorandums, with threats, deliberate property destruction, child labor told to break everything... while a registered sex offender worked along side (whom this property management has had criminal history issues with in the past). As well as theft.
2nd- child custody, endangerment
(Via alcohol & sex offender), kidnapping, no consent, bribery & extortion. Aiding & abetting, intimidation, failure to report, slander etc. Also...
3rd- inheritance fraud, life insurance fraud etc. Additionally possible arson, conspiracy & more.
All people involved &/or accused as well as locations of all wrong doings &/or crimes... Are Montrose county responsibility however... I cannot report any of this because the police & sheriff's are unfortunately accidently & unknowingly part of the investigation. Also there are inside relations to local law enforcement personnel. There are so many laws broke & so many people need to be charged. The irreversible damage to my life & future. I can provide any proof needed to any of my accusations. I don't know where to start, I haven't even mentioned a word of anything to anyone because I do not want to tip anyone off so they cover up their wrong doings, break the law myself or possible ruin any of my future court cases. These people are family, long time business acquaintances, trusted neighbors, etc. I can't seem to figure out why, other than life insurance, inheritance, fraud. I don't care about money, but I will be going for everything. I need the guidance for the multiple prosecution & civil cases I WILL WIN... That I haven't breathed a peep about... To many details, I need a consultation. As I said- I have proof of everything. I want this handled correctly, legally, & without mercy.

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