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Digital Library Initiative and the Future Digital Library Initiative and the Future

Bronze medal Reporter Project Shelve Posted 8 Nov 2019
Digital Library Initiative and the Future

Online libraries are beyond any shadow of a doubt, tremendous opportunities for all Internet surfers, who are still addicted to reading books, but they no longer have the time to go to the library, or buying books is not part of their budget. Therefore, they can take advantage of online resources that are usually stored and organized as eBook files. The e-format we can access in online libraries was obtained after the conversion of classic books into pdf files. It is worth pointing out that online libraries fall in two different categories according to whether the service is for free or not. Thus, an account to a payable service provides a larger offer, and, probably high quality formats. As for free accounts, such options are basically inferior to a payable service, and the differences are noticeable at face value. Undergraduate Project Topics and Materials in Nigeria 

Traditional libraries usually contain volumes of encyclopedias, books, and periodicals meticulously organized under the Dewey Decimal System. Only a few years ago, libraries had the physical card catalog where borrowers have to sort through alphabetically organized series of index cards containing the title of the book, author and subject. Stern, obsessive compulsive librarians would shush boisterous students and severely reprimand anyone for showing the least sign of disrespect towards a book. Libraries like books, music and almost everything else are now making a radical change of moving into the virtual world.

Digital publishers offer a wide variety of materials to an even wider audience of readers. With an untold number of electronic publications, the impact of this industry is strong. Many epublishers, online merchants and individual authors have captured audiences in niche markets that would be difficult to reach through traditional the methods of publishing, as well as providing established readers with the convenience of purchasing digital publications online for immediate download.

Some groups have voiced their concerns that digital publishing devalues both books and reading. These opponents state that reading digitized words on a screen cannot replace the pleasure that comes from pouring over words and anticipating each turn of the page. Others are less concerned about the visceral act of reading, finding themselves more troubled by the challenges of technology. For example, some groups are worried that changing technology could result in digital libraries with outdated collections being abandoned online or that changes in digital formats could result in a host of inaccessible works. Final Year Research Project Topics and Materials 

The lending of e-books to patrons appears to be a natural extension of the classical role of libraries: physical book lending. Libraries sought also to extend their archival functions to e-books. But librarians failed to grasp the essential and substantive differences between the two formats. E-books can be easily, stealthily, and cheaply copied, for instance. The source of the e-book - scanned printed titles, or converted digital files - is immaterial and irrelevant. The minute a title becomes an e-book, copyright violations are a real and present danger. Moreover, e-books are not a tangible product. "Lending" an e-book - is tantamount to copying an e-book. In other words, e-books are not books at all. They are software products. Libraries have pioneered digital collections (as they have other information technologies throughout history) and are still the main promoters of e-publishing. But now they are at risk of becoming piracy portals.

As this is completed it is quite certain that it will grow into many other things, which will be digitized and searchable immediately to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Already we see Yahoo with video search and Google with picture search and this will grow. Although I personally am especially intrigued with Knowledge Systems work and the others who have joined in their vision to complete the digital library work, which will open the world of knowledge in a systematic approach that will surely change the world forever; I also feel in the future that the next generation of digital works will be awesome.

The service is free and open to the public. This virtual library aims to provide primary information on cultures and histories of different countries. The interface is available in multiple languages so it is accessible, even to non-English speaking online learners. Online Project Materials for Undergraduate Students 

Just like any normal library, the World Digital Library can be an extension of the online schools. This is an extremely useful resource for online as well as traditional students with homework and projects.

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