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Doctor not paying attention to signs for preeclampsia. Failing to helpDoctor not paying attention to signs for preeclampsia. Failing to help

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legal question In September I found out i was preganant. While going to obgyn I had high blood pressure, headaches, severe nausea & swelling. I was making appointments offten and had to quit my job because I felt so tired each day. I was prescribed a low dose of medicine for blood pressure & it didn't work. Finally on April 13 I went to the Dr because my blood pressure was staying high. The doctor decided to do a c section. Continued me on the low dose & my heart rate stated dropping. I woke up in the hospital and didnt know where I was at or who was with me (my husband) my husband requested a doctor but she had already went home he then contacted my mother who drove from Lafayette ga to east ridge tn. & she requested a doctor a little with later the doctor came back and acted as everything was fine I was discharged on April 15th. On April 20th I was driving & my vision became blurt i pulled over at a gas station and from there i had a seziour. I was transported to Erlanger hospital and seen a high risk doctor who explained it was eclampsia. He explained it could have be prevented by the right medication.

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