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Executor of mothers will Executor of mothers will

Civil »Posted 23 Mar 2020 Post Answer

legal question My friends mother died last year and because my friends sister was the primary care giver of their mother and lived in the same state (minnesota) the sister was made the executor of their mothers will.
When my grandparents died in 2016 i learned that the executor of a will has very specific responsibilities and are required to give written periodic updates to all beneficiaries.
My question is this. Its been just over one year since my friends mother died and shes heard nothing from her sister about the sale of their mothers house and property what has been paid out, what is the status if her moms cd's. The life insurance policies ect. My friend has not even seen a copy of the will. She has tried to broach the subject with her sister and her sister cops an attitude and accuses my friend of being money hungry and petty.
Who can my friend talk to to find out if her sister is playing by the rules?

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