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Experiencing discrimination by the courtExperiencing discrimination by the court

Human Rights »Posted 27 May 2020 Post Answer

legal question I am a defendant in an ongoing case. I also have Asperger's ASD and require a number of accommodations from the court. The judges and court staff have neglected their obligations to uphold the ADA and have harmed me in a number of ways. I am looking for resources to aid my attorny to pursue ADA complaint litigation. Things the court has done: Rebuffed requests to supply the essentail functional requiriemnts of a defendant, Refused to consider my functional deficits. Refused accommodations which were previously agreed upon, refused aid from my companion, refused to reduce distracting and anxiety provoking stimuli (sounds, light, scents), Mocked and joked about me and my disabilites during appearances, refused to supply me with my records, used obscure language and refused to supply definitions, spoke to fast, refused to refer to the written law when the judge was unclear on it, made satements which contradicted previous statements and refused to correct or listen to the tape. Please, if you know about literature speaking about accommmodations for people with mental disabilities and proper court room behavior by the staff, judges, and attorneys I would greatly appreciate it.

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