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False imprisonment and kidnapping False imprisonment and kidnapping

Human Rights »Posted 26 Oct 2020 Post Answer

legal question Last year I got what was legally mine 40% custody of my daughter. My child's mother not happy she's on 2nd CpS case. She was about lose custody completely so her family hiresd some big shot attorney. Weeks later she comes over does song and dance picks fight cries wolf and goes to police. Mind you I dont see this til now but her laywer coached her. She went to cops filed expart and judge denied. Her laywer still took me to criminal court and they put a temp ofp on me with no jurisdiction or case. Mind you they took my daughter from me and I've seen her 3 times in Since June. I has her most 50/50. They thought da would charge me and the charge would catch up to the reatraining order. It didn't (Ive had this temp ofp on me) that criminal judge put on me with absolutely nothing. So my child's moms attorney and my attorney have been neglecting to be ethically correct and telling me family court has to put ofp on me as well. That they wanted to pull wool over eyes. The judge , laywer and my laywer all were in scandal. If went from false alligations from childs mother, to the judge calling telling me I hit my kids mom to endagermwnt go my daughter. Not allowing me to see my daughter just 3 times since June at supervised family acvess center. Talk about Fuckery. Im save with law so know the courts, her laywer and my laywer definitely messed up. But this is a lunker.

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