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Financial advice during DivorceFinancial advice during Divorce

Family »Posted 27 Aug 2020 Post Answer

legal question My spouse is working and makes at least 4k / month. Yet, I've been paying for all major expenses for my wife and child throughout my marriage (as part of a mutual understanding). This has led to a non-equal accumulation of wealth between us (I've no idea what that denomination looks like, but can guess). Now, we are planning to separate, and she disagrees for me to have any share in the shared accumulation. Also, she holds all the legal documents for herself and the child. I'd like to know the following things:
1. Will I get my fair share of money during the divorce (even in case of a contested divorce).
2. Also, under such conditions, is she still eligible for an alimony/child support, despite having cash accumulation
3. How do we setup a distribution of legal documents (e.g. passport, tax, bank statements, visa, medical records, etc.) such that no one is dependent on the other, and has a copy of all the documents for future purposes

Please suggest. Thanks

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