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Guidance For a multimillion Dollars litigationsGuidance For a multimillion Dollars litigations

Civil »Posted 1 Jul 2019 Post Answer

legal question I am pro se litigant preparing for a federal civil prosecution. I\\\'m face with a multimillion dollars approach to foundamental laws of comprehensive compensatory remedies for a complex federal civil case and not equip with the necessarite directions to finding the applicable avenue of comulating the damages and juries sums. I\\\'m not comfortable with read of cases and copying the rewards of judgements. I can\\\'t seems to find a one source(s) that has a bundle of compensatory informations regards to offenses and civil remedies in federal jurisdiction beside the federal rule of civil procedures and the US constitution witch information stated from those sources are very limited and referrable. The initiative necessite sources I need for compensations are: Medical Malpractice, Toxic Chemical, Medicine, Assaults, False-imprisonment, Permanent Injuries Resulted from Toxic Chemicals, Emotional Inflicted Distress, Loss of pecuniary and, loss of physical memories, defamations of sexual misidentification. What are the best legal researchea and sources I can be guide for a multimillion dollars and litigations?

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