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How Lawyers Can Get More Clients Through Content Marketing How Lawyers Can Get More Clients Through Content Marketing

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Aneeta Posted 7 Nov 2020
How Lawyers Can Get More Clients Through Content Marketing

When  content marketing is mentioned, most lawyers would dismiss the concept as “none of my business.” Yet content marketing may be the key to the current and future success of their practice in ways not previously understood.

The definition of “content marketing” is often known as “digital marketing.” While this is the most common term, digital marketing is also a misleading term. “Digital” is a shorthand term for calling anything to do with the Internet.

This is because of the digitization of data---the engineering feat of taking information and capturing it in software form---which then allows transmission through modems to every kind of digital device now on the market.

Content is the writing, photographs, videos, audios, cartoons, special effects, and icons that go through the digital pipeline.

To simplify, you doubtlessly received this note via digital media of some sort. The content was created by a live human being using a computer, musical instrument, camera, typewriter, or pen from their creation of content.

Content marketing, therefore, is a way of distributing different types of content of activities for the purpose of marketing. To make this more personal, think about the content you create in order to promote and build your law firm. 

Content writing can help your law firm:

  • to build your brand,
  • attract clients;
  • keep clients;
  • sustainably grow your reputation;
  • sustainably grow your revenue.

Committing to building an increasingly strong content marketing strategy means accepting the fundamental principle of content marketing: Successful content marketing is impossible without great content.

This means quality content. There is already far too much quantity content available which is copied from sources who copy from other sources until the content loses all its appeal. Such content that can be called quality content has to be:

·Original in its presentation and where possible, in its creation;

·Fresh even if the topic may have been discussed elsewhere ad nauseum;

·Timely so the presentation is immediately useful;

·Creatively attractive in a presentation so that “…it catches the eye and stays in either the heart or the mind of the viewer…”

·Excellent in terms of use of the writer or artist’s craft as well as the medium.

Marshall McLuhan famously said: “The Medium Is the Massage". He went on to explain: “The Medium is a Message is a teaser, a way of getting attention. A medium is not something neutral—it does something to people. It takes hold of them. It rubs them off, it massages them and bumps them around, chiropractically, as it were…”

Here are some tips on how best to use content marketing via a website or an internet-based series of content events that builds and feeds an online audience:

  • Promote your best ideas

  • Never just copying from another blog

  • Take risks within boundaries with your content. Remember, no pain, no gain
  • Look to outsourcing with a consulting professional firm or individual to maintain the freshness of your content.
  • Be alert to the audience;
  • Update, update. Update;
  • Be consistently alert to competition;

The goal is to attract potential clients via empowering content, inspiring your existing clients to take a specific income-generating action that leads them to your doorstep.

Offer them the range of legal professional services which you either offer directly or through your network

Your content marketing allows you to reach a far wider range of clients at a much lower cost is the reality of successful law practice in the 21st Century. Targeted original, creative content will allow your outreach far beyond the dreams of earlier legal professionals. 

Now the desire to do it!

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