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How Lawyers Can Save A Few Hours And Get More Work Done How Lawyers Can Save A Few Hours And Get More Work Done

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Aneeta Posted 9 Nov 2020
How Lawyers Can Save A Few Hours And Get More Work Done

Time is Money, wise people say. It is also said Health is Wealth.

How to balance the demands of a successful law practice with sustainable mental and physical health? Disciplined Schedule Management is my suggestion.

No matter what one wishes, there are only 24 hrs a day. This is not enough hours in the day for a lawyer. We can never be satisfied with our use of time. There are always cases to study, more research, and drafting to do.

For the legal professionals, existing clients demand such work. That means existing client servicing is a daily routine.

Yet the successful legal practice always needs new clients as well. A lawyer may initially schedule only a little time to get new clients. This is not a true saving of hours, nor a way to get more work done.

Keeping old clients happy and attracting new clients is a reality for the lawyer who wants to succeed in a growing and prosperous practice. Both are important activities that have to be balanced within the Law Practice Master Schedule.

Clients are always demanding. They want attention, they want results and they want value for money. If you can’t meet a client immediately, they will go off to other lawyers. New clients need not be aware of the demands on a lawyer’s schedule when requesting an immediate appointment.

A negotiated scheduled appointment is one way forward to a healthy, long term relationship of mutual benefit to both lawyer and client.

In the process of consulting the Master Schedule, look at existing time commitments on the calendar, and cases that come for hearing on the day. Then go to court as scheduled, with a specified amount of time for professional courtesy chats with colleagues and fellow lawyers.  

In a Master Schedule, blocks of time are allocated, then sub-divided. New client discussion time is separate from existing client servicing time. Even time for oneself, for some play and relaxation necessary for good health, may need to be scheduled.

Once you've made the commitment to following a Master Schedule, some tips for saving a few hours:

  • Create a website to provide new clients with FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). A new client will look for your website to get information about the firm from the website. This makes a website a timesaver as it can answer many basic questions (“FAQs”). Your website should clearly state your brand, your activities, and how to obtain an appointment.
  • Update your website once a while with case laws, blogs, or other materials from professional content writers to attract new clients and hold existing clients.
  • Prioritize your tasks on a daily basis. Review the Master Schedule daily in the morning to focus your priorities and make any switches of time blocks required. Always stay within your time boundaries if you switch time blocks. Outsource when you exceed your time available. 
  • Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” These means do the task you dread the most at first.
  • Make calls and check emails in the morning. Give this a time block so you don’t upset your Master Schedule for the remainder of the day.
  • Try to do all the similar jobs together.
  • Try Video conferencing with existing clients. Keep the video conference on a pre-agreed agenda arranged by email.
  • Time is money. Health is wealth. Never forget to schedule some play or exercise time each day to keep you creative and energized.

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