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How can I help my sonHow can I help my son

Criminal »Posted 28 Jun 2020 Post Answer

legal question My husband was helping a friend move a trailer that was stolen. He brought my 15 yr old son with him. They pulled a gun out on my husband and my 15 yr old son called my 19 yr old son scared so when my 18yr old got there the people started shooting at my 19 yr old and rear ended him the police allowed them to then search my son and husbands car the police slammed my 19 yr old son on the ground broke his phone both of my boys were not read there rights until right before booking. The lady lied and said she seen my son there but my 19 yr old son was at home with me

Is there anything I can do so that my 19yr old son doesn't go to prison they are trying to give him 4 yrs and 2 strikes and he wasn't there until after they were already headed away from sceen

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