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How to locate a person in USA having 25 6505How to locate a person in USA having 25 6505

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legal question MANMOHAN SINGH having 25 6505 was serving in Detroit when he gave divorce to my daughter ,when her child was 3 yr. old. My daughter then shifted to canada and having 7 yr old girl now and got custody of daughter from canada. For maintenence she filed case in canada.
MANMOHAN SINGH is now remarried with someone else and no where to be seen at Detroit.Can u tell procedure
1 How to locate a person in USA having 25 6505 ?
didar singh

legal answer from lawyer E00004839Instructions [ file a criminal case against his, mentioning last known address.]
Gather all the information you have on the person you\'re looking for. Names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, workplace and last known location are all invaluable pieces of information for locating someone.

Contact any friends, relatives, co-workers or acquaintances of the person you are trying to find. They may be able to provide you with useful information.

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Go to the White Pages website and enter all the information you have about the person you\'re trying to find in the appropriate search boxes. You may also wish to try US Search.

If your information isn\'t specific enough for a White Pages search, try searching with Google. You may have to wade through more information, but Google is more likely to respond to unusual information about the person you\'re trying to find such as their hometown or high school.

Hire a private detective if your online search has been completely fruitless. Private detectives will cost significantly more money, but are far more likely to be able to locate someone.

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