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Illegal search and seizureIllegal search and seizure

Criminal »Posted 25 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question One morning my girlfriend called 911 and told them I was going to shoot myself or had shot myself and in the meantime I was at the convenience store scratching lottery tickets unaware of what she had done. So I walked in the store and bought a final rd. Of tickets and as I was coming out I seen four cars loaded with police whip up and go right past me. I got in the truck and tried to back out but as I was leaving an officer spotted me and 3 or 4 came to the door and asked my name. I told them who I was and they asked me if I had been planning on hurting myself. I told them no I wasnt going to nor had I been talking about hurting myself and they then proceeded to put an ar15 in my face and pull me out of my truck and start searching. During they process they found a small amount of methamphetamine and a 9 mm handgun. I dont see what gave them the right to search my vehicle in the first place. I wasnt on probation or any of those type of things. Is this an illegal search and seizure is the question I am asking?

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