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Is there any attorneys with a passion for the law or has human trafficIs there any attorneys with a passion for the law or has human traffic

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legal question I have failed miserably in terms of hiring counsel I do not feel that it has been lack of effort neither. My family and the system and between the two the conspiracy I feel is appropriate term my grandmother was taken out of our home because family lied by assasinateing my character little by little for years due to there jealousy of the unique bond my grandmother and I shared and bond only got stronger and grew naturally when I became a mother for the first time in 2013. Our bond and love grew and the evil plot and jealousy thickened in the already weak dependent adult children of my grandmother's grew insidiously. Now I am sitting in our home waiting terrified of when the sheriff is gonna come and throw me out of my paid for home waiting it. My grandmother in my opinion and can be proved died locked up in a nursing home grieving and starved she fell down that I know of in that home 6 times. Between my now ex husband and family One or the other it happened or I was made to believe it happened either way I wasnt takeing chances when it came to my children so I called CPS to investigate at the first hearing of it that my son was being abused by his father I also made arrangements with my deceaaed long term close aunt that I though I could trust 100% Cps came 7 days after I reported it the same day my aunt was on her way our house is prestige clean nd healthy environment overall healthy family with the possibility of my son's abuse aside and they was called by me to rule out and investigate to fully make sure he was healthy regardless. I was serving dinner and my son's where at the table she said to me have someone to come and get them or there going with me I almost died right there I haven't been able to breath since then that was a year ago and they took the son I was pregnant with at birth. My grandmother and I both was heartbroken and it only got worse please stand up for what's right and help me for what it worth I'm not rich but I can pay. I'm not exaggerating one bit of this or trying to win sympathy I don't know one person that has had this much trouble getting representation on such an open book clearly criminal

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