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Is there someone that knows right from wrong an understands an followsIs there someone that knows right from wrong an understands an follows

Human Rights »Posted 7 May 2020 Post Answer

legal question I need help and hopefully a good lawyer that wants what's right to put these evil crooks in prison where they belong an I'm seeking out advice an research on laws an regulations on what is mandatory duties of a lawyer and what I can do about my lawyer being against me action wise but claiming by words that he's really only tryin to help but in all actuality hes spreading my private an personal information with alot of so called professionals because they are entitled to the title an they are using there profession like a provoking manner an usinthere power to destroy my life an violently intrude in on me an brutally attack me an get away with doing so because I'm less fortunate and disabled and they have in yhre mindset that because of there power behind there professions that it's ok to sabotage someone an there family by discrimination to me because of my disabilities, definition of character, forgery, slander, false accusations an many more.. I'm seeking some kind of Justice so please there is so much more still happening an all the powerful people law wise are showing me that I'm not safe an that they aren't going to stop until I'm destroyed or Justice is served all due to them obvisiously thinking that I'm going to become someone with the power over them an do what they are doing to me before I even stand a chance to get where I need to to obtain any heights of power nor would I ever do what they have and are still pursuing against me an time is of the essence I'm remaining positive and I will succeed in making sure I do everything possible to make my life an others life better not worse so I will be waiting an praying for all the help I can get.. God bless

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