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Issues with gender biased judge and child support case workerIssues with gender biased judge and child support case worker

Family »Posted 27 Aug 2020 Post Answer

legal question My boyfriend pays child support for 1 child and receives child support for 2. He has primary custody of the 2 kids he had with his ex-wife, he hasnt seen the other child in about 4 years, she refuses visitation.

Both cases are in separate counties. Ex-wife has barely made any payments since October of 2018. The child support worker refused to do anything, last year she even told baby momma that if she contested custody she would win. They had a hearing this morning. The judge started to ream my bf out and threatened jail time before the case worker stepped in and said that it was the ex-wife that was behind. They gave her a continence and a laywer. She turned in paperwork stating that she is no longer able to work due to an injured shoulder.

Neither county will give him a lawyer, both counties gave baby mommas each a lawyer. He was behind last year paying on his due to being unable to work from a work injury (he kept child support worker up to date and she has all the records from his doctors and he is still not released to go back to work). They refused to get him a lawyer saying it was because he was the payee. Now the other county is giving baby momma a lawyer even though it is her that is behind.

What recourse do we have against the judge and the child support worker? It is very obvious that the judge didnt read anything because she thought he was the one behind. And since the child support worker wont do anything to help him receive support and also sides with the ex-wife?

The reason I am writing this is because he now has permanent brain damage from his work accident. We have tried multiple times for a legal aid lawyer but they have turned him down every time.

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