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Kindly help, Attempt to kill.Kindly help, Attempt to kill.

Criminal »Posted 22 Nov 2020 Post Answer

legal question ,_______________________ It's humble request to you many times to come out of the problem which we are facing here in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India. The Crimnals Witches intruders black magicians Witchcraft agents 24 hours hitting us and attempt to kill us from last year's, All the Crimnals are attacking on me directly by all ways, the Controllers sitting on the top alongwith you from California United States,. A)__Vinod Malhotra and Madhu Malhotra and B)____ Vijay Malhotra, Helsinki, Finland . C)______Crimnals labour localides nearby factory are killing all members of family . D)______Vishwakarma labour family Shivani Vishwakarma and Anjali Vishwakarma MOTHER Father Brother I-52 Industrial Area Govindpura Bhopal Madhya Pradesh are openly attacking the family members you must arrest the Crimnals, investigate them, punish the culprits. E)_________Master Planner, Sharma family Rishikesh Uttarakhand, Vijendra Sharma family are doing all illegal activities alongwith the other crimnals. Attacking on me and family all-night they're attempting to killus completely here by all' illegal activities from last year's. ______________________________________________________ Reason to attack on me,,_______ Aditya Malhotra [email protected] and my family here in India as informed earlier about the same crime Attempt to Murder, Rape, Murder, Black magic and non stop open torturing me and family all-night with witchcraft Black magicians and LOCALIDES who are living around here forcefully from last year's 2018_19_2020 as witnessed by the people and society. 1)______Crimnals due to the involvement of themselves in serious crimes Murder____ a) Swami Advaitanand Rishikesh Uttarakhand b)__Labour adjacent factory I-52 Industrial Area Govindpura Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India .c) _______Unknown person, , Asola homes, Asola, New Delhi. 2)______Attempt to Kill, family, Murder ____ Direct attack on my mother continued from last year's a)___Rajni Malhotra ,I,- 53 Industrial Area Govindpura Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India on February 2018 at same place attempt to killed, crippled by above crimnals. b)__ Sumit Malhotra Attempt to kill many times in last year's as I have mentioned earlier and check out the files. Kindly help me out here. 3) ,_______Threat to Kill us and mental torturing Black death by LOCALIDES Crimnals , High' Profile, Corrupt controllers directly.. Kindly arrest the Crimnals the complaint registered against them.

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