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Landlord doesn’t make repairsLandlord doesn’t make repairs

ANY »Posted 4 Aug 2020 Post Answer

legal question In October 2019 my landlord purchased the house i rent and live in while i was already living there. In November he walked through the house with me and i showed him things that needed repair the first being that my bathroom has mold, second my back hallway floor is sinking and one tile is so sunken in you can fall through it. He kept promising to repair but hasn’t in March/April i sent him pictures in a text so i would have proof that i told him again about the sinking floor he still hasn’t repaired it. A week and a half ago i had a flood in my basement and had to throw away a lot of my belongings he said he would send a plumber over and still hasn’t. I have two children and my apartment is unsafe what should i do? Stop paying? Sue him? I live in Nassau county ny

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