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Law provision preventing child abduction in India by fatherLaw provision preventing child abduction in India by father

Family »Posted 24 Jan 2011 Post Answer

legal question My daughter, married in India, was a victim of severe domestic violence while at USA. She was given restraint-order and full custody of their US born child by US family-court. Indian-Abuser-Husband deserted family and fled USA for India and is harassing her from India, doesn’t return her bridal Jewelry in control of his India based mother, doesn’t pay court directed child support, and has fraudulently embezzled mediclaim cheque paid by US-mediclaim towards surgery of inflicted injuries.
For this contempt of court order, US court has issued arrest-warrant against him, which shall be implemented if he ever comes to USA. US Court has also suspended his child visitation rights till further notice.
My daughter is scared to visit India with child as she fears retribution from him and mainly, abduction of Child by him while at India.

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