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Ugly Truths Of Manual Scavenging Ugly Truths Of Manual Scavenging

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Sanu Posted 24 Dec 2019
Ugly Truths Of Manual Scavenging

In the present scenario, the lack of Indian laws, acts, rules, and enactments in curving out of the practice of manual scavenging are highlighted.

The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act and the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 are present law available for prohibiting these pathetic practices. Actually manual scavenging is not only a caste-based occupation but also a gender-based occupation. This type of manual scavenging will not practice in developed countries. Now there are a lot of technologies available to eradicate these practices for these purposes the government was introduced in May 2002 on Swachh Bharath mission which focused on building more toilets waste management remains an unsolved issue.

“The manual removal of human and animal excreta using brooms, small tin plates, and baskets carried on the head. The allocation of labour on the basis of caste is one of the fundamental tenets of the Hindu Situational Analysis and Recommendations on Manual Scavenging - Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan caste system. Within this system, dalits have been assigned tasks and occupations which are deemed ritually polluting by other caste communities - such as sweeping, disposal of dead animals and leatherwork. By reason of their birth, dalits are considered to be "polluted", and the removal of human and animal waste by members of the "sweeper" community is allocated to them and strictly enforced…”

United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, 27th Session, Geneva, 27-31, May 2002.

The main harming question is ‘’How to Free Indian Labours from the Practice of Manual Scavenging’’?  We have to provide an affirmative solution to the practice of manual scavenging where flush or sanitary toilets are not available thus, giving a solution to this labour problem. A decent life is part of a fundamental right. Everyone has to ensure a decent life in society. A responsible government should take part to implement proper laws for curbing manual scavenging and ensure a better life.

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