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May legal wife is marrying another Man in USAMay legal wife is marrying another Man in USA

Family »Posted 8 Jul 2019 Post Answer

legal question Hello. Thanks for letting me in. Here's my story. I am a filipino and living here in the Philippines. I am legally married to my wife who is CURRENTLY in united states of america as a tourist but she already had overstayed there for over a year now. She is also working there illegally since she is only holding a tourist visa and on top of that she already overstayed. She is now planning on marrying a filipino-american in the US to get a green card. We also have an 8 year old daughter who is living with me here in the Philippines. I am definitely AGAINST her plan because I don't want to lose her and loves her very much. I still want us to be a family. She told me that it is already over for the both of us and she's planning of staying there for good after she married that fil-am guy. I want her to be back here in the Philippines but she doesn't want to. Here are my questions.

1. Am i being selfish for not letting her do whatever she wanted to do? Should I just let her be?
2. Can she really get married in the US even though we are legally married here in the Philippines?
3. Can I file a case, any case at all, before or after their marriage in the US?
4. How can I get her to forcefully go back here in the Philippines. They are not married yet but they will be in the next 2 months I think.
5. What else can I do on my end?

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