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Monkey Day Monkey Day

Bronze medal Reporter Gloria Posted 14 Dec 2015 Read More News and Blogs
Monkey Day


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                            Happy Monkey Day!

Happy Monkey Day! Pocoyo loves this special day because it’s the perfect day to act like a monkey! You can swing from a tree, hoot and pant, or just eat a banana! What else do monkeys to do pass the time?

There are 264 different types of monkeys and most of them have tails. Apes, who do not have tails, are not monkeys! Monkeys that live in Africa and Asia, like baboons, are called Old World monkeys. Monkeys that live in South America, like marmosets, are called New World monkeys. And some monkeys don’t live in tress, but on the ground.

A group of monkeys is called a troop or tribe. And monkeys eat fruits, flowers, leaves and insects…and some even eat reptiles!

Monkey Day started as a way to teach people of problems that monkeys have because the area where they live, their habitat, is being cut down and destroyed..

Some people celebrate this day by having fun and behaving like a monkey, while others are very serious and use this day to collect donations for organizations that protect monkeys and their habitats. How will you celebrate Monkey Day?  

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