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My abusing ex stole my dog, how do I get it back asapMy abusing ex stole my dog, how do I get it back asap

ANY »Posted 13 Aug 2011 Post Answer

legal question My exboyfriend kicked in my mom\'s door and stole my dog by dragging her down the stairs by her neck and throwing her in a car. There was a trail of blood.The police didn\'t want to see my proof of ownership, didn\'t let mom file any charges because he had lived here at one point. The officer said it was civil. The other agencies couldn\'t seize the dog because of this. No one could understand why he din\'t get it back. My ex has hit the dog so hard she has started to limp, the vet said it was good we got her away, but we didn\'t. I got a protection order for me and the dog, another officer told me that waas the quickest way to get her back. The sheriff that served the order wouldn\'t seize the dog saying it didn\'t list her.My proof of ownership was stapled to the summons and she is the personal property. Before the summons was served I called the DA, even he couldn\'t understand why I didn\'t have my dog, the local police said the report was sent to DA, but he doesn\'t have it.I never saw or signed the officers report.I\'m suppose to call the DA Monday if I didn\'t get the dog.He also didn\'t understand why they didn\'t let mom file breaking and entering charges. Something is not right, he abused me and my dog, broke into mom\'s houseand gets away with no charges and my dog. I just want my dog back, it\'s not like he\'s an upstanding citizen, he ishas a big drug problem and a mile long recoed, so that\'s not why, Please help asap,I\'m afraid for my dog.

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