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My father cheated my mother and me(his son)  living in USAMy father cheated my mother and me(his son) living in USA

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legal question Sir.

I am sending my details in short.

My father cheated my mother in back 1975 he got married with my mother stayed with her for few months, means wile he was about to migrate to USA and so for some period he stayed with my mother at that time my mother was pregnant. And then without informing my mother he migrated to USA, and there he got married again and got settled, then after my father has no relation with my mom or with me, but I want to meet him once. He is not ready to accept me as his son, but I have all the papers egg. My birth certificate, my motherís and fatherís marriage affidavit certificate, and all of the government documents in which my name is attached with my fatherís name.

My fatherís name is

Suresh Chotubhai Amin

My fatherís detail is he has his own shop the shop\'s name and add. is

Stop & Shop

980, west brewards,

Tallahassee, Florida 32304


Phone: [O] 850-224-1777

[R] 850-386-5205

From Subodh Amin

Mobile No. 7600025903

From : Subodh Amin
401, Hallelujah Apartment
B/h Ghelani Petrol Pump
Nizampura Vadodara-390002
Cell Phone: 9998534113

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