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My parents kidnapped my childrenMy parents kidnapped my children

Family »Posted 26 Sep 2019 Post Answer

legal question Hi, my name is Stephanie and I need some advise on what to do about my mom showing up to Al's house, my boyfriend, also my children's father, while I took a unexpected afternoon nap, and Al was in the shower. My mother, Tammy, never came in the house but just suspected we were both sleeping while our daughter, Patricia, whos only 6 years old, was up taking care of herself. So my Mom told Patricia to get her shoes on because she was going with grandma to grandmas house. And now my mom tells me she's taking the law into her own hands and she's not giving the kids back until we go see counselors. Because my mom is VERY upset with my decision to get back together with Al, because she hates him so much she said she would go to any lengths to get the kids and I away from him except maybe visit here and there. Al and I also have a 10 year old son, Allen Jr., who had spent the night at grandma and grandpas so he was already there.
Do I have the right to go pick my children up and take them home?

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