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Human Rights »Posted 2 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question Good Afternoon. I was wondering if the USA can give me political asylum. I know I have 29 years old but I am feeling I will never feel completely happy and be myself I am still here in Peru. I am a peruvian girl and practically I have live all my life scared , thretened and as I had no other options in life. I had suffer not only sexual abuse by also fisical and psycologycal violence. As byllying at school werent enough my mother never care of me on the contrary she obliged me to work as her waitress since I was 7 years old more o less with no payment at all. she had a restaurant then she had money, but all the clothes i had was really cheap and bad material specially shoes. I went to a natianal school but when came back i had to work , on weekends also. I did with grace as a child helping her mother but when I grew up I realise that all of that was really bad that was why i was too shy , insecure and afraid to talk. My mother abuse of my good intention she yelled at me to worked, she hit me whenever I said I dont wanna work I wanna o my stuff. Pulling my hair and hurting my ears in front of customers and people in general were her pleasure. I didn't like nothing of that but I was scared. I thought noubady would understand I become more shy and kind of antisocial. My sister was the same I also lived with her and shout at and insult me fot anything. My family never take care of me and was and still being a big obstacle. I always wanted to help them by they never respect me bececause I am the younger one. They just want I work to have money to invite them food I have worked all my life sometimes because i wanted to other by presure. My mother prefer to give money to other people and not help to to become a proffessianal. Never asked me how do felt living in that hosting home or if a really wanted to work. The house was terrifying built with a material similar to mud. that was the house of the new couple of my mom. he lived there with all his family ,step mother and 5 sibilings. There I suffer sexual abuse by one of her brothers , he always spyed me and as mother always looked angry but laugh with him I delay to tell her. but she did nothing , the boy was never in jail . my mother didn't fight for me because she wanted to stay. She prefered to have this tiny space she got after 20 years but not protect me. I still living here but I realise 2 years ago that I dont want to be manipulate by them anymore. but i dont know how to do it. I have improve my personality and my attention also I am learning to love me and that I deserved to reach all want I want not minding how my family is, but it is true they will never change. that is why I want and I need your help. I want to move and start a new life. I need help. Psychological help and the oportunity to study and help more people.

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