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Need a probono lawyer asap please Need a probono lawyer asap please

Criminal »Posted 16 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question What can i do about my public defender basically made me feel like i had no choice but to plea guilty to a charge im not sure i even commited after she did nothing to help me she sent me my discovery thru an email and never had a meeting with me never had a phone conversation with me i met her 2 times when i went to court and had maybe 2 5 min conversations with her when i went to the second one and they gave me the first deal i told her i wanted to take it to trial cause i needed time to figure stuff out cause i dont remember the last 3 years of my life due to an extrem amount of truma and recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and severe ptsd which is part of the reason i dont remember any of the things they are saying i did she told me flat out she wasnt taking it to trial cause she couldnt win it so i basically had to take the deal or get screwed im now on the run scared that im going to be put in jail i have tried contacting the public defeners office as well as sent letter to the judge and have gotten no response from either i dont have a record and dont get in trouble at all and dont know how to go about this and cause i am disabled and now on the run i cant afford to get a lawyer what can i do i cant be in jail my mom is dying on dialysis 5 times a week i am an only child all she has to help her please someone help me

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