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New ABA book provides roadmap for ending workplace misconduct New ABA book provides roadmap for ending workplace misconduct

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. John Posted 13 Jun 2019
New ABA book provides roadmap for ending workplace misconduct

CHICAGO, June 12, 2019 — Just published by the American Bar Association, “The Shield of Silence: How Power Perpetuates a Culture of Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace” by Lauren Stiller Rikleen, offers a vital new approach to the issue of workplace misconduct with a depth and insight not found in other publications.

Rikleen writes that sexual harassment and misconduct exist in every sector, but will not be stopped unless the overriding fear that reporting negative behavior will result in retaliation is eliminated. The book describes how silence operates as the protective barrier that shields perpetrators of misconduct, revealing how deeply entrenched workplace dynamics ultimately prevent victims from accessing the very systems that are supposed to protect them.

“The Shield of Silence” combines fascinating research, extensive interviews and strategic recommendations for addressing misconduct in a wide range of scenarios, bringing fresh insights and a nuanced analysis to these issues. As the book demonstrates, policies alone are insufficient if unaccompanied by systemic changes that focus on creating a culture of respect in the workplace.  Rikleen helps readers understand the root causes of these long-standing behaviors and their impact on both victims and bystanders, while also offering a detailed blueprint for change.

“The Shield of Silence” is a must-read for anyone interested in how to change workplace culture to end harassment and misconduct and adds an important voice to the #MeToo conversation.

Rikleen, president of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership, is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and trainer who provides practical strategies for changing workplace culture, removing obstacles to women’s leadership and advancement, minimizing the impacts of unconscious bias and strengthening multi-generational teams. Her highly acclaimed book on generational issues in the workplace is “You Raised Us, Now Work with Us: Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams.” She is a recipient of the prestigious Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award from the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession.

Title:                “The Shield of Silence: How Power Perpetuates a Culture of Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace
Publisher:        ABA Publishing
Pages:             308
Product Code: 1620776
ISBN:               9781641054072
Size:                6 x 9, Paperback and eBook
Price:               $24.95
Order:              800-285-2221 or

Editor’s note: Author interviews and review copies of this book are available by emailing Dean Pappas at [email protected] If you publish a review of this book, please send tear sheets or a copy for our files to Dean Pappas, ABA Book Publishing, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654.

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