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Power of attorney for opening a businessPower of attorney for opening a business

Business »Posted 10 Jan 2020 Post Answer

legal question Hi, I'm trying to open a company through some agent, they sent me the forums to sign so they can open it on my behalf, but it looks suspicious to be because it show that they can act on my behalf on everything, want to confirm, this is the letter:

as the lawful attorney in fact, to sign all papers and documents required to register my company in the
state of IL this includes but is not limited to securing Illinois title and/or registration, transfer interest in
vehicles register under my company name, file annual reports for my corporation, acquire
transportation authorities such as ICC or Docket Number, and any other documentation required to
conduct business.

Granting to the aforesaid attorney in fact full power to do all acts as the principal might or could do if
personally present; and hereby ratifying and confirming all that said attorney in fact shall lawfully do or
cause to be done by virtue of the authority herein given for this purpose.

Does that look normal?

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