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Referral Payment disputeReferral Payment dispute

Business »Posted 18 Jan 2020 Post Answer

legal question Hi,

I'm a Financial Consultant independently referring Business Loans and Real estate Loans to Lenders in America,i specializes on Brokering deals in the US.At the moment i signed a referral fee agreement with a Lender based in NY and i referred a Business Loan to them which was closed around November Last year,i was asked to wait for 45 days before my commission will be paid to me and after the 45 days the company has refused to pay me.When i reached out to them,they indicated that my fee has been wired to my account here in Ghana on Thursday 2 Jan 2020,i have waited for 5 days now and the funds has not reflected in my account yet,,I reached out to them again asking them to provide me a Wire Transfer Slip issued to them by their Bank confirming that the Transfer was actually made but they've refused to provide me that and they are avoiding responding back to me now.

I really do not know how to go about this legally considering that i'm not in the US,please can you offer me any advise on how i can go about this cause this is a Bridge of contract. Any advise will be appreciated.


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