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Stealing babies to sale out hospitalStealing babies to sale out hospital

Family »Posted 7 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question Can contra Costa county Still have jurisdiction of my child I never lived in that county this case was restarted Solano county wouldn't except the case cps violated my 4th amendment rights and probably more my son is a year old now I am trying to get my child back they took him from Alameda county placed him in a foster care and thought I wasn't going to fight for him I need my child back they coherse my family in to separation anxiety stress separation anxiety stress as well for my baby he cries after I am done visiting with him he won't let me leave the room it is killing me to leave him he was temporarily place in my family but I requested that so he can be with siblings I don't have any money to pay for the attorney but I Know that I have a lawsuit against the whole thing they gave my baby morphine and methadone for 2 and a half months to keep him them said I was using Drugs they have illegal medical reports that I never sign I also have a hippa release and my family rights in all three cases from his birth has been violated 1: Solano county closed the first case she didn't file 2018 then 2: contra Costa county Still reopen the case in they county went all the way to trial tried to transfer case Solano county wouldn't except sent it back the open a new case in March 2019 please in Jesus name help me I need a probono legal action 707 -366-9754

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