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  • Name : Matthew Wright
  • Gender : Male
  • Website : Website not published
  • Experience : 15 years
  • Education : Vanderbilt University Law School (J.D., 2002)
  • Practice Courts :
  • Specialization : Truck/Auto Injury Law

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Having begun my legal career representing mega-inurance companies, I quickly realized many of these companies cared little about people, even if those people had suffered catastrophic, life-altering losses. That realization did not sit well with me. Things were made worse when an insurance company wanted me to find a way to avoid paying a mother for the loss of her unborn baby, when the loss of life was the companyís insuredís fault. Not paying the claim might save the company a few cents on their annual report to shareholders, but would prolong and exacerbate human suffering. So, I decided to represent ordinary people instead of large companies. The decision has resulted in me having life-long friendships with those whom I represented. I hope that I have brought positive change to the lives of those clients and that we, together, have and will continue to effect positive change, making the world a safer and more livable place.
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