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Uhaul reported rental truck stolen swat team took truckUhaul reported rental truck stolen swat team took truck

Consumer Protection »Posted 25 Jan 2020 Post Answer

legal question I rented a truck from uhaul and 10 days into the rental I am surrounded by local police and a swat team who took me into custody for grand theft auto. After showing them all I legally was renting the car, the uhaul store owner pulls up and says "you got him". They take me to my house 2 blocks away and in front of my entire neighborhood and family the police throw my tools etc out of the truck and leave me there completely embarrassed, humiliated and with no way to get to the 8 lawn mowing jobs I had scheduled for the day.

The uhaul store owner pulls up at my house and tells me he made a mistake that he didn't know my credit card was on file and that he would report it no longer stolen and that I could come rent another truck.


I called uhaul corporate office who listened and called me back 24 hours later saying they spoke with the store owner and that he claims he never reported it stolen and that I owe him over 1000 dollars for cleaning fees of the truck etc..

Uhaul corporate is scared to death but telling me everything must go through arbitration with our attorney for claims less than 50k. I need an attorney and I want one with some testicular fortitude to teach these guys an expensive lesson.

Thank you, Jason Russell

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