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Unlawful eviction what can i do need helpUnlawful eviction what can i do need help

Property »Posted 20 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question My mom is getting evicted...and Mr Jorge Cadena landlord violated my privacy by downloading pictures without my consent and using them in court and guess my mom to evict her.Mr Jorge Cadena didn't even keep his story right his information accurate and lied to the judge several times in court didn't even have no reason to evict us only thing was not paying the rent for June July August but yet I was going to pay him his rent until he decided to harass my mom for the rent that's when we decided to take him to court he try to evict my mom without paper notice verbally only until we decided to tell him it was against the law for him to do that that's when he decided to hit us the 3-day pay or quit when we told him that you have to do a 30-day letter eviction and he did not he did not make any Improvement into the house before renting it out there's damages in the house before we got here he claims he is not the owner of the house and yet he says that made an agreement with his friend Miguel I don't know his last name when the previous owner was Miguel Martinez and he got this house in 2015 by the bank his name is on the agreement as the owner of the house he lied several times he used old pictures against us and they gave him the upper hand meaning we lost a case and the court gave him acceptance to three days pay or quit when it should have been 30 days eviction letter after the three days pay or quit he did not do this by the book and he lied in court that he did give us the three days pay or quit individually when he did not he handed the 2 paper to miss Maria Orellana after business hours 10:30pm. He claims that he mailed the paper 3 days pay or quit when in reality he did not he put it in the mailbox himself late night mail people do not work nights if there is a night shift I would know he even tried to put a restraining order on me when I have not done anything. Or done any harm to him or his family

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