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Violating my civil rights, discrimination, slander, definition of charViolating my civil rights, discrimination, slander, definition of char

Human Rights »Posted 22 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question Cyfd here in Portales NM came into our residence unannounced an grabbed my baby an took her with no court order no family centered meeting an accused me of all these accusations discrimination towards my disabilities an mother's as well an my mother was supervising my baby journey while I was in the shower.. my mother hollered to me to get out there because they were running out the door with my baby an 2 men were standing apart across from each other meanwhile another man is taking off out our door with my daughter I proceeded to go talk to this man that's kidnapping my child an the man on the right side of me before I even got to our doorway swung at me an brutally attacked me as the other man across from him brutally started attacking me at the same time.. these two men's names were Charlie smart an Jessie Martinez I couldn't hardly see straight for these two men hitting me an beating me so I couldn't get out our door to talk an find out why he was just kidnapping my child I was begging my mother to call the police an she just stood there in shock an in my opinion the intimidated an they are still intimidating her an I proceeded to cry out to them while they were attacking me that I'm a disabled woman an that they would not get away with this an the man that attacked me first Charlie smart replied "whose going to believe you" well Charlie smart proceeded to tell me that he was the police an that he was a peace officer an that I was being arrested for hitting a police officer an he was not in no uniform, his badge was hidden up under his long tshirts an Jessie Martinez is a cyfd caseworker here in Portales NM they had no court order to remove my child an in my opinion they were all trespassing an just setting me up I'm 35 years old an that day was the first time I had ever been to jail and I still have not been convicted of child abuse or neglect an I just got the news that I missed a hearing in clovis on the 2nd of July an that the judge terminated my parental rights an that the are tryin to adopt my baby out.. cyfd appointed me a lawyer Marion Rutter an he's completely throwing me under the bus.. they appointed me a guardian at litem an I talk to him once an he was way rude too.. this is all so over whelming an I'm just needing someone that seems justice an will put these bad guys in jail I'm a good mom an my civil rights are being violated everyday I had to go to court for battery on a police officer After I went to jail that day an I learned something that I would've never known about my race on the birth records of mine I had to sign when they were booking me said European, Irish, Native American Indian, an Causc.. now I do believe in my opinion that if I'm maybe American Indian an I have enough in me to have it down on my birth records then they shouldn't been able to take my baby but I asked for their help at cyfd cuz I've heard that they are the ones that help people obtain what tribes they are from an they refused me an just showed no emotion whatsoever so will you please help me get my baby back an what do u think about all this that happened an still happening?

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