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Waht constitutes fraude upon the courtWaht constitutes fraude upon the court

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legal question I am mired in a foreclosure wherein, BofA, N.A., & Baer, Timberlake, Coulson & Cates, P.C., each knew that everthing in said pleading is fraudulent. Facts material to the adjudication of the case of been intentionally obscured, withheld and or otherwise not disclosed to the Court. BofA references the County Record as having proof of its claim. However, the opposite is actually the case. It took a phone call from myself to BofA\\\'s council to let them know it had been nearly eight months since the alotted time for it to file and answer, affirmitive defenses, etc. BofA claimed at time of filing that it was the Presnt Holder, this too was known to be false. A 2009 letter I received from BAC fky CTW states that I has the documents. This obbsurdity comes after BAC sent me notification that it no longer held purported note and mortgage. July 1, 2011 all servicing went back to N.A. as is stated in its letter. Also, the above notifification was BofA\\\'s remarks attested that GNMA1 BANA 2936 LBAC173 is the \\\"creditor to whom the debt is owed, however, I can find no such incorporated entity and it is not a named Plaintiff.

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