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What are my rights as a wifeWhat are my rights as a wife

Human Rights »Posted 30 Dec 2010 Post Answer

legal question I have been married to my foreign husband for two (2) years now and he has been faithfully sending 500.00 dollars per week back home to his family in his country,and barely want to give me any money for bills,household expenses,or a 200.00 dollar a week allowance to me being that I am now unemployed from my job due to a huge lay off. I have been paying the light/phone bills and the rent on my own for 8 years before marrying him. We have been married for 2 years and he only took the rent bill to pay, even after my lay off I continued to pay the light/phone bills out of my unemployment check he refused to help me. I have had to ask family and friends for monetary help,and he still continues to send 500.00 dollars to his country and wants nothing to do with any of the other bills by saying he can\'t do it. He net 3,200.00 per month from his job. What are my human rights as his wife under the vows we spoke \" For better or For worse \".

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