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What can I legally do to get my personal stuff backWhat can I legally do to get my personal stuff back

Civil »Posted 23 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question On May 9 2019 I was living with my best friend David Tackett. We played in a rock band together David owned the house we lived in we had been living together for about 2 years. On May 9 2019 I was returning from out of town when I received a phone call stating that David had passed away from a brain anurisum. The call was from his oldist daughter she told me that I was not allowed to come on the property were I had been living 4 =2 yr they said if I did then they would kill me so I went to police file charges they wouldn't do anything to help me Now the Estate is in probate David had no will what can I do to get my personal belongings like my music equipment that is worth over 25.000.00 and furniture clothes ECT.

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