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Why do we fail to protect children from sexual abuse? Comments invited below Why do we fail to protect children from sexual abuse? Comments invited below

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Aneeta Posted 27 Nov 2019
Why do we fail to protect children from sexual abuse? Comments invited below

As soon as you read the question above, your comment may be: “ I would speak up if I knew a child was being sexually abused,” But the truth is only if something like this happened to your own child is it like that you will speak up. Many people don’t even recognize cruel or abusive behaviour.

Millions of children have unwanted sexual experiences. Most of them believe that someone knows or should know about their situation. Some tell adults what’s going on, believing to be protected and helped, only to be met with disbelief, denial, blame, or even punishment. How can that be?

Most parents don’t believe their children so they hide the abuse they are going through because they are afraid or disbelieved to get that they will be punished for it. There is one point you have to remember when you are a parent: that I myself was a child once. And try to remember how it felt to be a child.

In fact, for those children who report sexual abuse, they start to withdraw their original statement because of pressure from disbelieving adults, which results in fear and anxiety in the child.

We, adults, use stereotypes as shortcuts to decide what is good and bad. Can this be changed by a complaint of a child? This shortcut makes us believe we know who is a good parent and can protect children from any kind of abuse.  But look at the world now: it may also be the “good” parents or grandparents who are the ones who sexually abuse their child.

Self-doubt is another reason for abused children to keep quiet in some places. Even though children who are now adults want to be open-minded about sexual matters, sometimes these abused children distrust themselves when suspecting sexual behaviours. People wonder if they are being too proper. People self-doubt: “what if I am wrong and maybe it is none of my business. “

Sometimes it is just because of the fear of losing a family member or a friend for the reason of intervention by child protective service. Some of us may also assume a child would tell us if they experienced any harassment and if they don’t that means nothing actually happened. Even if it did happen and the child shows no visible impact, we may believe that the experience will be forgotten.

I have stated above some of the reasons why we fail to protect our little ones from child abuse. If you have any quotes please comment below and let us bring maximum awareness and protect our child.

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