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Worker may have been exposed to virus Worker may have been exposed to virus

ANY »Posted 1 Aug 2020 Post Answer

legal question My landlord sent me a text this morning notifying me he was sending someone in to start wall repairs. (No notice) When I asked him who he was sending, he told me Angel. I told him NO! The reason I don’t want Angel in my apartment is he has close contact with two homeless drug addicts on a regular basis. There is a high risk of them contacting the virus, then him. I have COPD and if I catch this virus, I’m dead! So, I don’t want this man in my apartment. My landlord told me to leave while he’s there. One I’m homebound only leave for doctors appointments and that’s with great difficulty, two he would still leave the virus all over my apartment. Now my landlord is telling I can move if I don’t like it!

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