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PathLegal has simplified and listed many Criminal lawyers in United States as per their specialization. Just by choosing the state/city and subject, you will be guided to the list of Criminal attorneys United States .

Criminal Attorneys in United States Criminal Attorneys in United States

Attorney Ronald Darrigo, Criminal attorney in Tampa -
Experience (years): 32
Languages Known: English
Specializations: personal injury, criminal defense
Florida | Tampa
Attorney Patrick M. Kelley,, Criminal attorney in Houston -
Experience (years): 38
Specializations: criminal law, drug crimes
Attorney Red Law LLC, Criminal attorney in Denver - 445 Broadway
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal defence , litigation
Colorado | Denver | 445 Broadway
Attorney Peter Tilem, Criminal attorney in White Plains - New York City, Westchester County
Experience (years): 27
Specializations: criminal defense
New York | White Plains | New York City, Westchester County
Attorney Orange County Criminal Lawyer, Criminal attorney in Santa Ana -
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal lawyer
California | Santa Ana
Attorney Adam Lustberg, Criminal attorney in Hackensack - Hackensack
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal defense, criminal law, drug crime, sex crimes
New Jersey | Hackensack | Hackensack
Attorney Sevens Legal APC SD DUI Lawyers, Criminal attorney in San Diego -
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal justice attorney
California | San Diego
Attorney William Gregory Whitson, Criminal attorney in Fayette - Fayette
Experience (years): 31
Languages Known: English
Specializations: civil,criminal & corporate
Alabama | Fayette | Fayette
Attorney Joseph M Dobkin, Criminal attorney in Miami - Pinecrest/Kendall
Experience (years): 36
Languages Known: English and Spanish
Specializations: family, criminal, contracts, mediation, and personal injury
Florida | Miami | Pinecrest/Kendall
Attorney Craig Rosenstein, Criminal attorney in Phoenix - Maricopa County
Experience (years):
Specializations: phoenix criminal defense attorney
Arizona | Phoenix | Maricopa County
Attorney Joseph Tacopina, Criminal attorney in New York -
Experience (years): 27
Languages Known: Italian and English
Specializations: criminal law, securities litigation, civil litigation
Attorney Phil Bellamy, Criminal attorney in Myrtle Beach -
Experience (years):
Specializations: business law, family law, personal injury, criminal
South Carolina | Myrtle Beach
Attorney Kirsten E. Bennett, Criminal attorney in Danbury -
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal defense personal injury matters
Connecticut | Danbury
Attorney Whitney Coyne, Criminal attorney in Sarasota -
Experience (years):
Specializations: family law,paternity,criminal law,traffic citations
Florida | Sarasota
Attorney  Jon Slade, Criminal attorney in Phoenix -
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal defense
Arizona | Phoenix
Attorney Genaro Fraustro, Criminal attorney in Mcallen - McAllen
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal defense and personal injury
Texas | Mcallen | McAllen
Attorney Ryan Blanch, Criminal attorney in Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Experience (years): 19
Specializations: criminal law
California | Los Angeles | Los Angeles
Attorney Ryan Blanch, Criminal attorney in New York - New York
Experience (years): 19
Languages Known: English, Spanish
Specializations: criminal law
New York | New York | New York
Attorney Jason Kohlmeyer , Criminal attorney in Mankato -
Experience (years): 11
Specializations: criminal defense, dui, dwi, drug crimes, family law, divorce attorney, workers\\\\\\\' compensation
Minnesota | Mankato
Attorney Theodore R Ferguson, Criminal attorney in Denver -
Experience (years):
Specializations: criminal defense, civil rights, commercial
Colorado | Denver

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