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PathLegal has simplified and listed many Firms lawyers in United States as per their specialization. Just by choosing the state/city and subject, you will be guided to the list of Firms attorneys United States .

Firms Attorneys in United States Firms Attorneys in United States

Attorney Daniel Stoner, Firms attorney in Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
Experience (years): 5
Specializations: real estate, business, family law
Attorney Sescily Coney, Firms attorney in Camden -
Experience (years): 6
Specializations: business law, immigration law, intellectual property, entertainment law
Attorney Leigh Fletcher, Firms attorney in St. Petersburg -
Experience (years):
Specializations: business law, real estate law
Attorney Prashant Bhatia, Firms attorney in Princeton - Princeton
Experience (years): 11
Specializations: immigration,intellectual property,lemon law,corporate transactions,real estate,
Attorney Stephen Cochran, Firms attorney in Mclean - Virginia
Experience (years):
Specializations: business & corporate law
Attorney Navid Yadegar , Firms attorney in Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Experience (years): 20
Languages Known: English & Farsi
Specializations: business law
Attorney Elwood V. Stark, Jr., Firms attorney in Bel Air -
Experience (years): 48
Specializations: business law, administrative law and family law
Attorney Kyle White, Firms attorney in The Woodlands - The Woodlands
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: English
Specializations: real state law, business law, family law
Attorney Shan Kadkoy, Firms attorney in Montague Township - New Jersey
Experience (years): 2
Specializations: tax, business law
Attorney Jefferson Hanna, Firms attorney in Middletown - Middletown, Connecticut, United States
Experience (years):
Specializations: bankruptcy, business & commercial law, debtor/creditor, real estate law, estate planing
Attorney Jennifer Ward McKenna, Firms attorney in Lee's Summit - Lee's Summit, Missouri
Experience (years): 14
Specializations: estate planning, business law, litigation, probate, guardianship, elder law
Attorney David Grant Altizer, Firms attorney in Tazewell -
Experience (years): 45
Specializations: civil and criminal litigation, mineral and mining, corporate, domestic relations, family law, admini
Attorney Scott karlin, Firms attorney in Tustin -
Experience (years):
Specializations: business law
Attorney Liz Durkin, Firms attorney in Livingston - New Jersey
Experience (years): 6
Languages Known: English
Specializations: estate planning, wills & trusts, real estate law, equine law, business transactions
Attorney Deans & Lyons, LLP, Firms attorney in Dallas -
Experience (years):
Specializations: personal injury, business litigation, intellectual property, oil & gas
Attorney William R. Kenyon, Firms attorney in Canandaigua -
Experience (years): 52
Specializations: disability/elder law, estate planning, business law, real estate law
Attorney Ean P. Hamilton, Firms attorney in Kalamazoo -
Experience (years): 9
Languages Known: English
Specializations: estate planning, probate, business law, wills, trusts, power of attorney
Attorney Frank Walker, Firms attorney in Clairton - PA
Experience (years): 14
Languages Known: English
Specializations: personal injury, business law, dui & dwi, criminal defense, medical malpractice
Pennsylvania | Clairton | PA
Attorney Jason Smith, Firms attorney in Winter Beach - Winter Beach
Experience (years): 17
Languages Known: English
Specializations: divorce attorney, child support, alimony lawyer, civil litigation, business litigation, insurance cl

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